Star Wars R2D2 Screwdriver With 3 Forged Steel Bits

Star Wars R2D2 screwdriver is a cute gift for a Star Wars loving man or woman. It is very useful to have around for quick little hardware jobs. It has a quality that makes it useful and not just decorative.


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Buyer Review:
This is a great R2 screwdriver set. It works on smaller screws and the bits are made of strong steel. They all fit well and stay in the R2 when using them. The R2D2 is larger than it looks and is made of strong plastic. Also the R2D2 is easy to hold when using it. The only problem I had was there was too much grease on the metal bits. It took several times with glass cleaner to get the grease off. I love this R2 screwdriver and I am glad I got it.