Disney Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Rose

The enchanted rose counts down how much time is left to break the spell, until the fate of the beast and his enchanted staff are sealed. Can true love Blossom before the last petal falls? the enchanted rose opens, closes and lights up! jewelry box plays “beauty and the beast” store your treasures! feather ring included!.


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    The Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box gives your princess a special place to store her tiny treasures. Experience the beauty and magic over and over again as Belle’s rose opens, closes and lights up to the iconic song Beauty and the Beast.

    Magic in the details :

    Light-up jewelry box with filigreed transparent dome
    Pull the drawer on base to watch the Enchanted Rose bloom and light-up
    Plays the title tune Beauty and the Beast when opened
    Includes ‘feather ring’ accessory
    Inspired by Disney’s live-action film Beauty and the Beast

    Buyer Review:
    Exactly as advertised. The rose blooms and lights up when you press the button over the drawer or open the drawer. It has multiple settings underneath – a long version of the ballroom music, a short version of the music, and just the rose silently lighting up (for those of you with kids who will set off the music exactly 1,000,000 times a day.) The drawer can hold small things like rings or shopkins.