Captain Marvel Legends Grey Gargoyle Action Figure

Marvel comic-inspired design – fans and collectors can recreate the action-packed scenes of the Marvel Comics universe with this premium grey gargoyle figure, inspired by the By the character from Marvel Comics.


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Marvel Captain Marvel 6″ Legends Grey Gargoyle Figure for Collectors, Kids, & Fans

Dr. Paul Duval discovers his ability to turn his body to stone and becomes the transmuting mercenary, grey gargoyle! with the Marvel Legends series, both kid and adult Marvel fans and collectors can start a legendary collection of comic- and entertainment-based Marvel characters. This 6-inch Marvel grey gargoyle figure is highly articulated and features a design inspired by the Captain Marvel movie, making it another worthy addition to the Marvel Legends series. collect figures in this collection to assemble the build-a-figure.

Buyer Review :
Whatever plastic they used for this figure it is dope! TOMBSTONE hopefully gets a figure made with this plastic! It surely makes this guy look like a GARGOYLE! GET THIS!