Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time (March 2020)

We all Know YouTube is a video sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. It was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim in February 2005, and the first video was “Me at the zoo” uploaded by Karim on his channel in April 2005. since 2005 videos related to music album rule youtube most of time, even every video that has reached the top of the “most-viewed YouTube videos” list has been a music video. Although some of the previously most-viewed videos are no longer listed on the site, reaching the top of the list is still considered a tremendous feat.

An early metric of a video’s popularity was the so-called Billion View Club, videos which had succeeded in reaching over 1 billion views since their initial upload. In December 2012 “Gangnam Style” became the first video to reach one billion views. As of March, 2020 the following videos are the most viewed videos on internet or YouTube.

1 – Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee (6.6b views, upload date Jan 12, 2017)

This Spanish song is the most viewed video on internet, for a site run by an American company and dominated by English-speaking content, it’s perhaps a surprise to see that the most popular YouTube video of all time is in Spanish not English

2 – Baby Shark Dance (4,823,793,334 + views, upload date Jun 18, 2016)

A good song if you like to torture someone, don’t understand why this video get that much popularity and become the second most viewed video on Youtube, uploader turn off the comment section, may be people doing too many negative comments.

3 – Shape of You, a song of Ed Sheeran (4.6b views, upload date Jan 30, 2017)

4 -Furious 7 Soundtrack – See You Again by Wiz Khalifa (4.4b views, upload date Apr 7, 2015)

5 -Masha and The Bear – Recipe for disaster (Episode 17) (4.2b views, upload date Jan 31, 2012 )

A popular Russian animated television series created by Oleg Kuzovkov and co-produced by Soyuzmultfilm and Animaccord Animation Studio loosely based on the oral children’s folk story of the same name. all episodes are popular on YouTube but episode 17 is the most popular one.

6 – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars (3.8b views, upload date Nov 19, 2014 )

7 – GANGNAM STYLE (3,551,090,753 views, upload date Jul 15, 2012)

The music video of “Gangnam Style” by recording artist Psy, it is the most viewed video on YouTube once for 1,689 days; surpassed on July 10, 2017 by Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again. currently its the seventh most viewed and the fifth most liked video on YouTube, as well as the 19th most disliked.

8 – Sorry by Justin Bieber (3.2b views, upload date Oct 23, 2015)

9 – Sugar video song by Maroon 5 (3.1b views, upload date Jan 14, 2015)

10 – Katy Perry – Roar (3.0b views, upload date Sep 6, 2013)

11 – OneRepublic – Counting Stars, another music video (2.9b views, upload date May 31, 2013)

12 – Ed Sheeran ‘Thinking Out Loud’ [Official Video] (2.9B views, upload date Oct 7, 2014)

13 – ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ 👶 THE BEST Song for Children | LooLoo Kids (2,937,042,616 views, upload date Oct 8, 2016)

14 – Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ (2,8B views, upload date Aug 18, 2014)

15 – Enrique Iglesias ‘Bailando’ (2,833,436,989 views and upload date is Apr 11, 2014)

As of march 2020, there is currently 195 videos on YouTube that have over 1 Billion Views, click here to see all.

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