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If you read my previous post where i mention most popular table lamps, now its time to show most popular or the best desk lamp. the amazon did not mention the number of sales of any product, so the best way to find most selling or most popular desk lamp is to find most rated lamps on amazon. After search thousand of products, i found only few desk lamps which has rated by more than 1000 buyers and i like to show here.

1 – TaoTronics Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp (Rated by 2400+ peoples)

More then 2400 people give average rating 4.8 and which is very very good, a brightest lamp in its segment. This desk lamp is versatile and sleek-looking, unlike standard bulb-based lamps that appear outmoded by comparison. it is not a single light lamp, it give 5 Color modes and 6 levels of brightness for the perfect lighting which you can not seen in every lamp. The cost of the lamp is approximate $70.

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2- TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port (Rated by 1200+ peoples)

Sleek and stylish design with aluminum body, i am sure TaoTronics give huge time for its designing. buyers love it! Love the sleekness, and that it has a USB port in the back for charging phone! You can change the different color settings as well as the brightness which is refreshing when you are looking a computer screen/phone often. more then 1200 buyers give average rating is 4.7 and which is absolutely very good.

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while searching on amazon i found some more lamps which has almost same look and features and great rating.

1 – 1st option (Rated by more then 9900 buyers)

2 – 2nd option (Rated by more then 7700 buyers)

3 – 3rd option (Rated by more then 8200 buyers)

3 – Globe Electric Desk Lamp (Rated by more then 1900 buyers)

A simple good looking lamp, has a gooseneck which is easily adjustable to direct the light wherever you need it the most. more than 1900 people give 4.5 average rating, the approximate cost is $16.

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4 – Globe Electric Joint Desk Lamp (Rated by more then 1900 buyers)

The lamp has a metal clamp, very sturdy, fully articulating arms, a wide shade, it goes on all directions and all metal construction, i am sure its probably what you’re actually looking for if you’re here. The lamp assembles simply and seems to be great quality. The lamp of the cost is approximate $18.

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