11 Table Lamps Rated by Most Number of People on Amazon

Are you looking to buy a Table Lamp and confused which Lamp i can trust? if YES, then you are in right place my friend :D. In Amazon there are thousands of table lamp available right now, but you need only one or may be two, so you are confused which one to pick. Here i mention those lamps which is rated by atleast 1000 peoples with average rating more then 4.0 out of 5, it means these are not just the most selling lamps but also satisfied there buyers with there quality and durability. Amazon have thousands of lamps but only few lamps is rated by more then 1000 peoples.

1 – AUKEY Table Lamp (Rated by more then 4700 peoples)

This multi-colored LED table lamp is very popular on amazon lamp section, more then 4700 people rated with average rating 4.5 out of 5 which is very high rating. lamp has a touch censor which means you can adjust light brightness according to your need with just tap the touch control base. The other good part of lamp is you can rotate the color of the lamp by long touch the panel about 3 seconds, Price is approximate $30 less or more.

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2 – Simple Designs Mini Table Lamp (Rated by more then 1600 peoples)

As the name mention, design of the lamp is very simple and lovely, it comes with different light colors option. height of the lamp is not high, its just 12 inches, most of the people who buy this lamp is mentioned in there review that ‘it smaller then i expected’, this mini lamp has chrome base and fabric shade. The good thing is, it comes under approximate $12 and rated by more then 1200 people, it means somehow people love this lamp.

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There is also two more lamps i found on amazon which is almost similar in design but have some more features, one is rated by 1400 people and another more then 1000 people, if you like the above lamp and want to see more similar option so here it is

1 – 1st option (rated by more then 1100 people)

2 – 2nd option (rated by more then 1000 people)

3 – White Fabric Shade Table Lamp (Rated by more then 1500 peoples)


Not only more then 1500 people voted, this lamp is also very nice and fashionable, definitely it enhance the beauty of your room. The lamp comes with white fabric shade and leather body with different color option. The cost of the lamp is between $25 to $40 depending on which body color you choose.

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4 – Madison Table Lamp (Rated by more then 2100 peoples)


The table you see in the image is the part of this lamp, this is not a separate table and lamp, they both are attached and you get one benefit, the lamp can’t be knocked off :D. In the table there is two USB ports and an outlet so that you can charge your mobile devices or plug in your computer, and also have space to put you boring books or DVD. The average rating on amazon is 4.7 and which is very good specially when more then 2100 people rated. The cost of he lamp is between $90 to $95 depending on which color you want.

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5 – Brightech Grace LED USB Table Lamp (Rated by more then 1100 peoples)

As you see in the image the LED table lamp look beautiful, gorgeous and very simple, the solid wood base of the lamp is available in 2 colors, Havana Brown or Classic Black. There is a stylish pull chain which makes it easy to turn the light on or off, you can see in the image. There is also 1amp USB port in the base, so you can charge your mobile and yes there is no usb cord comes with package. More then 1100 people give average rating 4.5/5, which is obviously very good. at the time of writing the cost of the lamp is approximate between $25 to $28.

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6 – TaoTronics Rechargeable Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp (Rated by 800+ peoples)

Yes, this wireless portable lamp is not rated by 1000 peoples at the time of writing, but its close, i add in the list because i like how different it look in compare to other lamps. lets talk about its features, the lamp is rechargeable and comes with 4000 mAh battery which give you upto 110 hours light after fully recharge and there is no wire attach permanently, you can also easily turn the light on/off or adjust the brightness by tapping the silver disc placed at the top of the lamp.

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7 – Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light Table Lamp (Rated by 1100+ peoples)

This lamp is based on golden snitch ball theme, you see in Harry Potter film series, remember? a good option of gift for your kids or fans and lover of harry potter series. its a piece of plastic but give a very beautiful effect when you ON by touch it, there is no battery so you needs to stay plugged in. click here to check the cost and availability of the lamp.

8 – Ikea NOT Floor Uplight Lamp (Rated by 3500+ peoples)

Rated by more then 3500 peoples it means its one of the best selling lamp in amazon, its a floor lamp which bright your room very well, there is no dim or adjust the light option, only ON and OFF. There is no bulb in the package you must buy it separately and yes assembly also required which is easy. the cost is between approximate $23 to $30.

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there is another lamp present by Brightech with almost similar look not exact same and rated by more than 1200 people with cost approximate $50, click here to see in amazon.

9 – Brightech Sky LED Floor Lamp (Rated by 7000+ peoples)

More then 7000+ people rate this lamp and its a big rating, people love this lamp may be due to the unique look design by the Brightech. The light is super bright in its high mode, enough to light a large room, but you can also adjust the light brightness with 3 dimmer settings (low, medium, and high), the price is approximate $65.

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10 – Brightech Bedroom & Living Room Floor Lamp (Rated by 1400+ peoples)

personally i like the look of the lamp and which is one of the important factor to everyone while shopping. lamp Works with smart outlets that are Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Apple Home Kit enabled, to turn on/off but it requires smart outlet which sold separately. the cost of the lamp is $70 at the time of writing this article.

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11 – Brightech Maxwell Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp (Rated by 2700+ peoples)

The Brightech Maxwell is a 5’3 inch tall, free standing column lamp in a unique combination with book and display shelves attached. The light bulb that comes with the lamp is a standard LED bulb (only uses 5W) equivalent to 60W brightness, It’s bright enough for living room. the average rating is 4.6/5 which is given by more then 2700 people. the cost of the lamp is approximate $55.

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