10 Eye Catching Shaped Pen Drive that will Drive You Crazy

Usually when you are going to buy Pen drive from online or shop, you think about brand or how much space available in it, but it wont matter to you about how it be look or may be you have no idea that there is pen drive available which is weird or uncommon in shape. Here i like to mention eye catching designs of pen drive which is easily available on amazon or different online platform, check it and tell me in comment which one is best fit for your personality.

1 – Novelty Rose Flower model design pen drive. Good looking, it will be a big surprise to your lover. available in amazon with 32 Gb and 64 Gb option

2 – Express yourself With eye catching Cartoon Novelty Dog Puppy shape Pen drive, design by WooTeck.

3 – Black Skull Skeleton Pen drive, available in upto 64 GB option on amazon.
A high speed USB 2.0 interface and compatible with USB 1.1, Use A-class chip, can be erased repeatedly for 100,0000 times, Easy to read and read in high speed, No need drive or power supply, only plug in !

4 – Star wars character R2D shaped pen drive.
R2D2 holds all of your necessary data in a convenient and durable thumb drive, a Star Wars gift for any fan. With 32GB of storage, this memory stick is all you need to download, transfer and share photos, video, songs, and files. Use as backup storage to free up space on your laptop!

5 – Cute looking wooden guitar shape pen drive.
This USB guitar shape memory stick comes with standard US 2.0, faster performance to support the transmission of large data.

6 – A horrified thumb shaped pen drive.
This little creepy thumb drive makes you laugh or may be horrified you but a good option of gift for your dad, easily available on amazon.

7 – Handmade, unique and eye catching orange color Pentode radio tube flash drive .
This is a very cool and unique flash drive, comes with wood stand, available upto 256 GB capacity storage and supported USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1

8 – Cute Miniature Spanner Shape Thumb Drives for Date Storage for School Students Kids Children Teacher Collegue Employees .

9 – Mini camera USB flash drive, best fit for photographer .
Creative design, camara shaped. Made by Silicone, Novelty, cool, durable. Different from traditional thumb drive, suprise your friends and family! Comes with upto 128 gb capacity and high speed 3.0 USB.

10 – Metal Revolver Pistol Gun USB drive .
Boys cannot get enough of guns when they are kids and this love doesn’t seem to diminish when they grow up. So what is better than combining mens love of guns and computing with this realistic metal revolver gun memory stick. Just make sure you don’t scare too many people with it!

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